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Computer Glasses vs. Progressive Glasses

Are your progressive glasses working great for everyday use but not so good for your occupation or computer driven hobbies? Computer lenses might be the right solution for you. As technology has advanced so have lenses. Let's go over the difference between traditional progressive lenses and comp…

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Are face masks causing Dry Eyes and Styes?

 Masks have become the new normal in keeping everyone safe during the pandemic. This increased use of masks has led to an in increase in the number of patients with dry eye symptoms, chalazions and hordeolums, also known as, styes. Symptoms include irritation, redness, burning, tearing or painf…

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New Eyedrop Can Limit The Need For Reading Glasses

An exciting new medication, VUITY, is the first and only FDA-approved eye drop to treat presbyopia, or difficulty with near vision. As we enter our early 40s we find ourselves holding things further away and needing reading glasses.
VUITY is a prescription medication that can reduce pup…

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What is Blue Light?

Blue Light is not a “new” topic. As research shows there are two types of Blue Light. Your everyday natural Blue Light (lower energy wavelengths) that comes from the sun. This natural light makes our body feel awake, alert, and energetic. With technology advancements artificial Blue Light (high …

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Garret Leight Has Arrived


Our newest frame collection has arrived! Garrett Leight is a Los Angeles based brand that has made an impact on the minimalist, classic, and timeless consumer market. Their designs started in The Arts District of Los Angeles pulling inspiration from local stories, art, and pop culture througho…

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Eye Opening Upneeq Has Arrived

Every year, the profession of optometry rolls out something new. This year is no exception. Recently, a new eye drop was released that has tapped into an unexpected population. It is a called Upneeq. It is actually a medication that has been around for a while as a decongestant/vasoconstrictor c…

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We Mourn the Loss of Dr. David Golden

It is with a heavy heart that Monarch Bay Optometry shares with you the news of the passing of Dr. Kobayashi and Dr. Pennino's dear friend, David B. Golden, OD. Dr. Golden joined his father in optometric practice over 30 years ago and grew the practices to be some of the largest and most success…

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