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Lens Technology

With so much available lens technology choosing the right lenses for your frame can be very confusing. Let our doctors and our optical technician guide you to find the right lenses for your prescription and lifestyle.

Just some of our lenses to consider.

Blue Light Filtering Lenses
With the increase of digital technology, many adult’s and children’s screen time has increased. Research has shown that overexposure to blue light can lead to eye strain and disrupted sleep. Our blue light lens lens options are designed with non-glare and blue light-filtering capabilities to Help defend against digital eye strain so your eyes stay relaxed, comfortable and you get a good night’s sleep.help These lenses can be put into any designer frame! Find out your options!

Digital Eyewear
Remember when you first saw HD-TV? Remember how it made your old images seem dark and blurry? Colors were brighter, shapes were clearer, and everything was sharply in focus thanks to high-definition. Imagine going through the same thing with your spectacles. Digital lenses provide sharper image quality, better peripheral vision and improved contrast sensitivity.The clarity is then increased when the digital lens is paired with a non-glare coating.

Single vision and progressive lenses are available in digital options! All prescriptions can benefit from digital lenses. Patients with higher prescriptions and all progressive lens wearers will especially notice a significant difference.

Sports Eyewear
From Polycarbonate to polarization, Monarch Bay Optometry has the appropriate frame styles and materials to ensure you have adequate protection for all of your sports needs. Offering sports frames that can accommodate both prescription and non-prescription lenses, as well as offering a wide range of lens tints and lens materials. Give yourself a winning edge and get fitted today

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